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clockDon’t wait another minute to learn how to grow your business with social media. I am offering 30-minute social media consultations via Skype for only $25!


  • 30-minutes of my time to answer your questions about social media marketing
  • My free 16-page report Tips for Your Business Blog
  • A brand new 6-page Training Report, Using Social Media to Market Your Business
  • You will learn the basics of getting started with social media marketing and tips on using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest

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The Commonsense Virtual Assistant is #3 Today!

Today we have very exciting news! It’s January 1, 2013 and our book, The Commonsense Virtual Assistant – Becoming an Entrepreneur, Not an Employee (Kindle Version), is #3 in the category of Best Sellers in Secretarial Aids & Training on Amazon!The Commmonsense Virtual Assistant is #3 on Amazon

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3 Quick “C” Tips for Success in Your Virtual Assistant Business

three quick tips for successAs we wrap up 2012 and look ahead to what’s ahead in 2013, now is a good time to review what you can do in next year to make it the most successful year yet in your virtual assistant business. Here are 3 Quick “C” Tips for success.

1. Consistency – Whatever you do in your business in 2013, be consistent. Create a marketing plan that shares your messages in a regular, consistent manner on a weekly basis. Clients will also appreciate knowing that they can depend on you to be consistent in always getting work done and reply to their inquiries in a timely manner.

2. Collaborate – Don’t be afraid to collaborate with your colleagues – particularly if a client asks you to do something you haven’t done before. Working with a fellow virtual assistant to provide the best possible service to your client is much better than trying to struggle to learn something you are unfamiliar with. If you need help finding a fellow virtual assistant to collaborate with, contact me at and I will help you find someone – at no charge.

3. Commit – Commit to doing your very best every time. Commit to learning all you can this year to make 2013 your best year ever – even if that means investing in a book, a coach, or additional training. Commit to providing the best possible service to every one of your clients.

These are just 3 Quick Tips for success in your virtual assistant business. For more tips, continue following our blog.

Choose Additional Education Carefully

Technology changes and new technology may require additional education. Many virtual assistants are adding new skills to their portfolio so they can offer more services to their prospects and clients. If you have chosen to add to your skill set with additional education, please choose carefully.

There are many programs and coaches for virtual assistants including virtual office professional community college courses and online skills training. How do you know which one to choose?

Before addressing that question, let’s step back and consider if choosing additional education is right for you or not. Ask yourself:

  • Why do I want additional education?
  • Do I have the time to invest in additional education?
  • Will the cost of additional training fit my budget?

Let’s consider your answer to that first question – why? Why do you want additional education? If it’s because something new has come along and you feel the need to be an expert on all new technologies, you may want to reconsider. Do you really need to be an expert on everything? Is your plumber an expert electrician? Of course not! Each is a specialist. If your specialty is bookkeeping, don’t distract from your focus by thinking you need to become an expert web designer as well. It may be best to hire an expert in the field and be less costly in both time and money than spending your time and money learning a skill you may only use once.

However, if you’ve found a new skill that really excites you and you’re eager to learn it, getting additional education in that skill may be just what you need. You may already have clients that are eager for you to learn that skill as well.

What about your time? Do you have the time to invest in additional education? If your schedule is already filled to the brim, it may not be the right choice to add to your schedule. You may find you’re unable to put your all into it and don’t get the full benefit after you spent all that money on the program. If you really want to invest the time, look and your schedule and see if you can add the time by letting go of other tasks for a while.

What’s the cost? Some additional training and coaching programs can be quite expensive. Do you have the budget for it or should it wait? Are there other options that will give you the education you need at a cost that fits your budget? Make sure the investment you make is well worth it.

How do you know which additional education to choose? Once you’ve determined why you want it, whether you have time for it or not, and if the cost fits your budget, you’ll have a much clearer idea of what program will work best for you. The one you choose needs to:

  • add value to your business
  • fit your schedule
  • fit your budget

Carefully research your options. Talk to others who have taken the additional education you’re considering.

Intensive 5-Month Training Course for New & Aspiring Virtual Assistants

Calling all new and aspiring virtual assistants!

  • How do you find your first client?
  • What are affordable and effective ways to market your services?
  • How can you attract and educate prospects with your website?
  • How can you develop a business plan, blogging strategy and article writing strategy?
  • How do you determine your rates and pricing structure?

Chief Virtual Officer offers an intensive 5-month course customized to your specific needs. Each month focuses on a specific area of your Virtual Assistant practice. Each week you will receive homework with specific strategies to implement in your business right away. In addition to two monthly coaching sessions via telephone, we will reply to all your questions via email as often as you like.

We are currently taking on new clients. Use the Contact Form to schedule your free 30-minute coaching session so you can determine if this is the right program for you.

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