Trust, Loyalty, and Long-Term Commitments

Did you know Ausoma doesn’t require long-term commitments from our clients? Our only contract is a service agreement stating the scope of work and cost, and an agreement to provide 30 days notice to cancel services. While we strongly recommend a 90 day commitment for new clients because it takes time to achieve results, no client is bound to us by a long-term contract. We take the risk, not the client.

Yet most stay long term.

If people stay when they don’t have to, spend their hard earned money with no contractual obligation forcing them, there must be something else keeping them.

If you’d like to find out what that is, just ask.

Client Expectations from a Virtual Assistant


Do you know what your clients expect from you? This is vital for a successful, long-term relationship.

A few client expectations are:

  1. Your ability to meet their specific skill requirements
  2. For you to work within a reasonable budget
  3. A Contract outlining in detail expectations, money matters, and confidentiality requirements
  4. For you to be a pro-active partner with them providing feedback, suggestions, advice
  5. Timely responses to their inquiries
  6. Reliability, trust and someone they can count on for the long haul

Next time we will discuss what a Virtual Assistant expects from a client.

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