Creating a List as a Tweet

You can create a list and tweet it out on Twitter.

When I first learned about this, here’s what I tweeted:

Create a list to tweet on Twitter

The entire tweet is still within 140 characters, leaving enough characters for an easy retweet. There’s more white space which is easy on the eyes. Lists are a great way to grab attention.

I haven’t seen many lists on Twitter yet. So now’s the time to start doing this while it’s rarely used. What list will you create?

Quick Tips: Find More Twitter Followers

tweetTime for a quick tip. How can you find more Twitter followers? Use existing tools such as:

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Use Social Media Responsibly

Social media can be an effective marketing strategy if used responsibly. You don’t want your messages to your prospects to feel ‘spammy’ or annoy your prospects by flooding them with incessant requests to use your services or buy your book. Of course a measure of self promotion is expected. However, the majority of your social media posts should be aimed at educating your prospects and providing valuable information. What you post should be of benefit to your prospects.

There are many social media tools you can use in your marketing strategy, including a blog, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. These can be used in conjunction with your website and ezine newsletter.

Blogs are very search engine friendly and fairly easy to setup and maintain. Again, the information you post should be mainly educational. Your blog should direct prospects to your website. Short blog entries make great ezine content. Include a paragraph from your blog in your newsletter with a ‘read more’ link that takes your readers to your blog.

Your social networking profile on Facebook, LinkedIn, and any other sites you use should be as complete as possible. Schedule some time to connect personally with a new contact. Arrange to meet for coffee if they are in your area and learn more about what they do so you can know best who to refer to them.

Twitter Tips

Twitter can be used effectively to connect with prospects, educate and inform them and generate leads.

  • Post quick tips, quotes or a catchy sentence or phrase from your book or speech. Include a link back to your website.
  • The majority of your Tweets should be aimed at educating and providing valuable information to your prospects and clients so that they turn to you as the expert in your business.
  • If you have a newsletter or blog, post links to specific blog posts or to your newsletter sign up page.
  • Use the tool to schedule Tweets in advance and to automatically follow anyone who follows you to increase your audience.
  • If you have a Facebook account, make sure your Twitter posts automatically feed to it and widen your exposure even more.
  • Watch the Direct Messages you receive and any @ messages. Try to connect with these people and start building relationships.

Use Twitter as a starting point to connect with prospects and then graduate the connection to Facebook or email. Focus on providing value and benefit to your prospects so they will want to connect with you.

How do yo use social media responsibly?

What’s Your Frequency?

What's your frequency?How often have you sent out marketing messages one time and when you didn’t receive an overwhelming response, you just moved on and tried something else? Frequency means habitual. Make it a habit to post consistently.

Now I don’t mean pestering. But it’s been shown that a person often doesn’t take action until they’ve been presented with an option seven or eight times. Perhaps they weren’t ready for your service or book the first time you sent out a message. Or the seventh time they received your message they just happened to know someone else that could use your book and told them about it.

What about your profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Have you posted a profile and then not updated your status in weeks? When’s the last time you tweeted? These tools are only as effective as you make them. If you use these tools, be sure you use them frequently if you want them to be effective.

What’s your frequency?