Twitter’s New Rules and Why They Won’t Matter to You

Follow us. We know the way.
Follow us. We know the way.
The social media folks at Edgar wrote a super article about Twitter’s most recent changes to their terms of service (TOS.) Every time one of the big platforms changes the rules, folks freak.

We don’t.

Our service is based on good marketing principles, which are based on thinking like a human being, on generosity, on, believe it or not, kindness. And nobody’s TOS will ever ban those principles.

The New Rules and Our Solutions

Here are the two big changes at Twitter mentioned in the article, and why, despite their sweeping nature, they won’t matter round these parts.

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Customize Your Social Media Posts

Customize your Twitter and Facebook postsIt’s okay to share the same message across all your social platforms. You will want to customize them for each network though. Twitter is not Facebook. You can post a much longer message at Facebook than you can at Twitter since Twitter is limited to 280 characters (you can add an image to Twitter and not have it count toward that character limit). So don’t think you can just post something at Facebook and then tweet it from there and get the best results.

Here’s an example of a longer Facebook post.

Facebook post:

Top 12 Tech Tools for Setting Up Your New Business

There are many online tech tools available for setting up a new business. As a small business owner myself for the past 10 years, I’ve come to rely on several that I recommend. The top 12 I recommend are:

1. Basecamp3 – This is a very simple, web-based, project management tool. You can store files and create task lists with due dates that can be assigned to different team members. You can share folders with clients or not. There is no limit to the number of projects you can create. They offer a free 30-day trial without a credit card needed. This is a tool I use every day and it’s well worth the $29 per month I spend to be able to manage a variety of different projects with my various team members and clients. Read on for the rest of the list:

and the same post as a tweet:

My recommended Top 12 Tech Tools for Setting Up Your New Business include Basecamp 3 and OneDrive. The rest are:

Unplug and Recharge Your Batteries

Have you been feeling worn, overwhelmed and like you’re always working? Do you find yourself on the weekend sending out Tweets and Facebook messages so you don’t miss out on any opportunities to reach prospects?

If you answered ‘yes’, it’s time to unplug and recharge your batteries. Take a weekend off, ignore your email, don’t Tweet and only use Facebook to stay in touch with friends and family.

This past weekend for the first time in many months I took time to read a novel. It was so relaxing to be unplugged and not concern myself with reaching out to my peers and prospects. I feel relaxed, recharged and better equipped to start the new week.

Take time this weekend to unplug and recharge your batteries. You may just find creative ideas come to you as you relax. Jot them down and take another day to explore how you can implement them in your business.

Are You Proactive?

It’s fairly easy now market your business in a passive manner. Just schedule regular Tweets and autoresponders. You never have to lift a finger? But is this really the best way to market? No, it’s the lazy way if it’s all you do.

You want to be a proactive marketer. That does not mean you want to become a pushy sales person. You do want to really connect with people with a specific purpose in mind. Don’t just aimlessly market to everyone.

Proactive marketing includes effective follow up. Instead of waiting for your prospects to call you after they’ve downloaded your free report or attended your teleclass, send a follow up message by email or even pick up the phone and give them a call. Set up a time to discuss your services with them now that they’ve had a chance to review your free report or attend your teleclass.

When you follow up you need to do so in a focused, organized manner. To do that you need to take these steps:

1. Assess the current challenges of your prospect
2. Ask your prospect what their desired outcome is if they use your services
3. Present a solution that fits your prospects needs and will give them that desired outcome
4. Provide a clear call to action

Another important way to proactively market your business is to get out there. We often get so busy we never seem to leave our office. There’s always just one more thing to do, one more Facebook post to reply to, another Tweet to send out, another email to respond to. When’s the last time you got out of the office and attended a live, in-person networking event, meeting, seminar or conference?

Though social media is a lot of fun and can be a great way to network, nothing replaces the face-to-face connections you make when attending networking events. So get out there and network in person!

Once you’ve connected with someone in person, take time to follow up and stay in touch. Call someone you met to meet for coffee. It’s a great way to get ideas and information from your new contact, find out who their ideal client is so you know who to refer to them and then allow them to ask you about your business.

What will you do this week to be proactive (not pushy) in your marketing efforts?

Celebrate National Punctuation Day

As a virtual assistant it is very important that we use correct punctuation in all our correspondence. I firmly believe this includes your Tweets, text messages, emails, etc. So today let’s celebrate National Punctuation Day!

Learn how to use punctuation correctly. When and how do you use an apostrophe, ellipsis, exclamation point, hyphen and more.