Your Interview Voice

Another in a series of interview tips for authors.

  • Before you get on the air, make sure your voice is ready.
  • Warm up your vocal cords by drinking some warm water or tea.
  • Have water nearby during the interview in case your throat gets dry.
  • If you need to cough, turn your ahead away.
  • Practice aloud a few minutes before you get on the air.
  • Smile. Your voice will come across as cheerful and friendly. No one else may see you but you’ll feel more confident.

The Series

January: Interview Tips for Nonfiction Authors
February: Are You Prepared for Your Interview?
March: What is Your Interview Message?
April: Practice Your Interview
May: Your Interview Environment
June: Your Interview Voice
July: Dos and Don’ts in an Interview
August: Best Practices When You Are Interviewed
September: Handling Negative Comments in an Interview
October: Wrapping Up Your Interview
November: Review After Your Interview
December: Enjoy Your Interview

Books are 99% Commodity — Sell the Other 1%

There are more books than you could read in a hundred years, even if that’s all you ever did. In a way, books are a commodity.

The firehose-stream of new books, both independent and traditionally published, makes individual books even harder to distinguish. Your only hope of being found is to focus relentlessly on the 1% which makes your book unique.

I’m not suggesting that you find a way to convince people that your book is unlike anything which has ever come before. If you’ve written about coaching or accounting or networking or marketing, your book will share concepts and content with oodles of existing books on the topic.

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