Vacationing and Working Hand in Hand

We took some time off in August for vacationing in Wisconsin – my husband was born here and his mom and my oldest son live here. We lived here for four years from 2012-2016, before moving to Arizona to be closer to my married daughter. So we’re enjoying all the green and cooler weather.

However, we continue to work. Sure we take some actual time off for days to drive and spending time with family and friends. But the business keeps on going. I take a little time every week to keep up on client work and even bring in new clients. In fact I’ve had three new social media audit & consultations!

One of the most fun things we did here was an outside concert for friends. My husband, Joel, plays guitar and mandolin, our daughter, Fiona, does a bit on the drums and sings, and I accompany with bass notes on keyboard. What a blast!

Vacation in Wisconsin

Did you take some time off this summer? Tell me all about it.

ALL MOMS WORK:Short-term Career Strategies for Long-range Success

My friend, Sharon Reed Abboud, has published a book, All Moms Work: Short-term Career Strategies for Long-range Success. Cheryl Stein, Canada’s person coach says, “As a career coach and consultant I will be putting this book on all my clients’ reading lists.”

This book helps moms keep their skills, contacts, and resumes fresh; earn serious money while working primarily from home; and transistion back to professional part-time or full-time employment when they’re ready.

Sharon is offering a 35% prepublication discount. Just click on this link to go right to ALL MOMS WORK on the website, click on “Add to Cart” and in the Shopping Cart type in the code WORK04, and proceed to checkout.

Sharon hopes this book gives everyone some great new ideas for meeting career and financial goals in these hard times.

I’ve place an order for my copy and encourage you to do the same.