Take care of your current client or the potential prospect?

Show your client loveFaced with this decision, many small business owners will pursue the potential prospect. They may figure they already have the current client and go after a new one. But let’s consider doing just the opposite.

Today I had to make this decision. I had arranged a meeting with a potential prospect tomorrow just to talk about our businesses to each other and see if there was a possibility we could refer one another and maybe, just maybe this potential prospect could use my services. Then a current client had an emergency job that needs to be done by end of day tomorrow. There was no way I could commit to getting this job done if I kept the meeting with the prospect. So I called, sincerely apologized, and rescheduled.

My current client is going to get her emergency project taken care of within 24 hours and just imagine all the great word of mouth that can generate. Can you imagine it – ‘she took care of me, put everything else on hold, and got the job done’? A for sure thing instead of a possible new client. It makes me feel good to be able to take care of my clients like that. I call that ‘remarkable’ customer service.

What do you think?