Using LinkedIn as a Nonfiction Author

using linkedin as an authorUsing LinkedIn as a nonfiction author is an effective way to increase exposure for your book and business. It is still considered a more professional platform than a social media platform such as Facebook. Authors need to be cautious not to use LinkedIn primarily as a tool for book sales.

LinkedIn’s platform provides nonfiction authors a place to showcase their leadership in their industry. As an example, are you a CPA who has written a book to support your business? Show your expertise by posting articles and sharing in discussions in groups around your book’s topic. At the end of your articles include a short bio, mention your book, and include link to where it can be purchased.

Your About section should include detailed information about your business and your book. Add your book to the Publications section as well. The Featured section can include links to videos and SlideShare presentations, and you can upload supporting documents such as a Tip Sheet, Speaker Sheet, or Author One Sheet.

Don’t forget to connect with people and expand your network of influence. Start with people you already know such as colleagues, clients, association members, classmates, family, friends. Then reach out to fellow group members. Since you are in the same group as these members, there is a common ground to build on.

When you add social media icons to your website so people can find you on Facebook and Twitter, remember to add an icon and link to your LinkedIn profile too.

If you’re a nonfiction author who has used LinkedIn effectively, please share your tips!

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