What is Your Interview Message?

Another in a series of interview tips for authors.

Before you even pitch yourself as a guest to be interviewed, know what your objectives are.

Do you want listeners to buy your book? Buy a service you’re offering? Subscribe to your newsletter? Attend an event?

While you may have many goals, you can only have one primary goal. That’s what “primary” means. Choose one.

  • Prepare your main message with that objective in mind.
  • Prepare three key points to deliver that main message.

The Series

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February: Are You Prepared for Your Interview?
March: What is Your Interview Message?
April: Practice Your Interview
May: Your Interview Environment
June: Your Interview Voice
July: Dos and Don’ts in an Interview
August: Best Practices When You Are Interviewed
September: Handling Negative Comments in an Interview
October: Wrapping Up Your Interview
November: Review After Your Interview
December: Enjoy Your Interview

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