What’s Your Frequency?

What's your frequency?How often have you sent out marketing messages one time and when you didn’t receive an overwhelming response, you just moved on and tried something else? Frequency means habitual. Make it a habit to post consistently.

Now I don’t mean pestering. But it’s been shown that a person often doesn’t take action until they’ve been presented with an option seven or eight times. Perhaps they weren’t ready for your service or book the first time you sent out a message. Or the seventh time they received your message they just happened to know someone else that could use your book and told them about it.

What about your profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Have you posted a profile and then not updated your status in weeks? When’s the last time you tweeted? These tools are only as effective as you make them. If you use these tools, be sure you use them frequently if you want them to be effective.

What’s your frequency?

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