How to Write Interesting & Attention-Grabbing Blog Posts

attention grabbing blog posts
Does this grab your attention?

Online readers like to quickly scan blog posts. You need to be able to quickly grab a reader’s attention. Not only does your information need to be interesting, a reader needs to find it visually appealing.

Here are some ways to be sure your blog posts are interesting and attention-grabbing:

  • Use subheadings (like the one above)
  • Use bulleted or numbered lists (like this one)
  • Always include an image
  • Caption your images
  • Include links to relevant information
  • Include a video
  • Write “How To” or “Tips” posts
  • Create a weekly themed post. Choose a particular theme to write about on the same day each week so your readers are looking forward to next week’s installment.

What other ideas have you used to create interesting and attention-grabbing blog posts? Please share in the comments below!

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