Writing Newsletter Content

writing newsletter contentWhen subscribers sign up for your email newsletter, they expect to get value from it. It’s not always easy to come up with content that readers find valuable. Here are a few tips on writing valuable newsletter content:

1. Share your expertise with your customers. Write about what you know well. You have information about your business or industry that your customers don’t. Provide advice on timely issues that can help them in their daily lives. A tax accountant can share information about how their client can save on their taxes. A small business consultant may share tips on how to improve the quality of customer service.

2. Write an article about the benefits of the services or products you have available. A web designer who also offers search engine optimization (SEO) could write about how SEO can increase website traffic.

3. Let your customers give advice. Ask a few of your best customers what advice they would give other customers. Then include that in your newsletter.

4. Write a customer case study. These are stories that demonstrate a challenge, a solution, and a result. What challenge did a customer face, how did you help them solve it, and what was the end result?

5. Send out a survey and ask your customers what types of information they find valuable and relevant.

There is an abundance of information on how to write great newsletters. I hope these few simple tips can help get your ideas flowing. If you are in need of additional help, we can refer you to some good ghostwriters.

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